Socktober was first an idea to drive to retail across the country at a time that is traditionally slower. We built a campaign around 300 doors with retail activations and digital media driving awarness around it. Then I found that Kid President, a new media icon was launching a Socktober campaign. I reached out and pitched that we collaborated on it and Socktober became #SOCKTOBER a causal based campaign, driving awareness around homeless population in the US. The goal was to donate 1,000,000 socks to homeless shelters across the country. Once we launched, the brand enjoyed the largest organic visibility ever and our retailers jumped on board with the shift by setting up sock exchanges or donating within their communities. I am extremely proud of this work because not only was it successful in the eyes of the company, we made massive positive impact within the homeless community and challenged my company leaders to think differently about how to market. Currently it is nominated for an Outdoor Industry Award: Digital Campaign of the Year.

The Socktober Social Environtment