When launching a product, I highly recommend throwing as many parties as possible. That’s what we decided to do, so I became a party promoter for a few weeks in September 2012 to blow up the new PhD sock line. Apparently I blew it up because Facebook decided to write about the work I did. See the PhD Launch Party program and read the case study here and only here, if you want. 

Lesson 8: How to go on the road for 3 weeks on the company’s dime.

But be warned, you are going to be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s worth it though because you’re going to be directly driving revenue and awareness for the brand in one of the most innovative ways the Outdoor Industry has seen. Check out the FVT here.

You know how to blow up a campaign with new consumers? Partner with a media outlet that's on hyper trend and out of left field for your brand. Don’t worry 30 million free impressions and a 2013 OIA Digital Campaign of the Year Award nomination is going to come out of it.  More dets here.

Roam TV is a thematic campaign that will run for a few years celebrating the community around SmartWool and it's wanderlust spirit. I know what your are thinking, it's very on trend, and it's kind of what all a lot of brands are doing. It's okay to think that, you might even be right. Our difference is that we are focusing on telling stories about everyday people verse focusing on athlete achievements or the elite. Pop the popcorn and see the first installment here.