While my time at Moosejaw was spent creating the Madness, I also put my brain to work building the first interactive shopping tool the Outdoor Industry had seen. It’s not really bragging when it’s true. Let me introduce to you the Moosejaw Companion. The web version has finally come down from the Moosjaw servers, but below is the creative that was used both online and in various catalogs. The goal was to offer people who were un familiar with different outdoor activities a visual list of the basic items needed to comfortably take on that adventure. As well as give alternatives gear options for each category to match their tastes. Example: Showing a specific type of baselayer in the collection for Mountaineering and by clicking on the CTA button, offer a different product group if you tend to run warmer (or like short sleeves next to skin) and another collection if you need more warmth (tend to run cold). This level of personalization and curation help consumers navigate the shopping experience verses just researching and guessing. 

Below the Companion is a sample of a program I create that utilized QR codes to deliver digital POP inside the Moosejaw retail doors. The idea was that the codes would be placed around different product categories and consumers would scan them to learn more about insulations, shells, down, etc. Then you know what happened? QR code’s shit the bed and were never adopted. So we phased them out of the stores. Job well done.


The Moosejaw Companion

The live web verson of the Campanion has finally come down. Stay tuned for the printed shopping version to be represented here in the near future.


Digital POP via QR Code