I have this idea, that in order for people to connect with the brands they like, they need to know who’s on the other end; they need a human connection. However, in order to maintain that connection they need a digital gateway. The light bulb moment was The Fan Van Tour, the worlds first 100% crowd-source tour. When I pitched this idea, you could hold water in the glassiness of the eyes in the room, it seemed so outlandish. Eight months later I drove a 1999 Ford Econo-Line Van 4,300 miles around the country with 6 major stops, each of which was a major fan center. Everything along the route to these stops was dictated by our fans- where to eat, where to meet, which route to take, for a grand total of 23 fan stops. I personally shook hands with over 2,000 fans and drove practically every interaction through social media. For the fans that couldn’t meet but wanted to, I mailed schwag from the road. Everything was pointing to the online conversation driving the tour and every offline conversation was just enhancing the fan base. The campaign surpassed all expectations, which is surprising because if there is a face to put behind a brand, it is not mine.

The Fan Van Tour Social Environment
Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 3.39.16 PM.png